• Joanna Swofford

Those Crazy Educators!

So, you know those crazy educators who are always looking for new ways to do things and love learning and conferences---even weekend conferences? Yah—that’s me. I am a conference nerd---and I come away from them feeling refreshed and revived---with new tools in my belt and ideas to try. And then, Monday comes, and I step back into the craziness of educating, and I decide that what I’ve always done will have to suffice for now, as I don’t have time to try out my new tools. Maybe next week?

This is the scenario for many educators. We long to try new things that would benefit our students, but learning about them and putting them in motion are two totally different things. Unless—you learn the things I learned this past weekend at the ETC (Educational Therapists of the Carolinas) conference. From the key note speakers, to the break out sessions, to the networking at lunch, to the stretch and movement strategies we practiced at break time, ALL of it came with me to school on Monday and found an easy place to show up in my time with students, with faculty and staff, with administrators, and with parents. I was able to ease into a difficult parent conference with some basic outlines to guide the conversation. I was able to share exercises with faculty that could help their children reset and be ready for learning. I was able to help a child calm himself with breathing techniques. I was able to lead a conversation in our admin team meeting regarding future professsional development plans.

Thank you to the folks of ETC for providing us with your Winter Conference: Embracing the Whole Child. Thank you to WCCS for hosting this event. Finally, and most importantly, thank you, Jesus, for loving us enough to create a desire in us to love and serve each other through learning.


Joanna Swofford

Elementry Principal

Westminster Catawaba Christian School

“Educationg students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ.”

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