My son has been diagnosed with dyslexia and auditory processing issues.  For many years we struggled to get the help we needed for him to become successful in his learning.  On our journey with our son we met many well-meaning people who wanted to help with different reading strategies and phonics programs, but none seemed to work for him.  Because you never outgrow dyslexia, we felt stuck.  Then we learned about the NILD program.  Our son began NILD therapies his sixth grade year of school.  At the time he was reading on a second to third grade reading level.  NILD has changed his life.  Through his therapies, he has continued to make progress every year.  I recently had the privilege to watch an NILD session of my sons.  I was amazed and it brought me to tears as I watched my son, who at one time could barely read, read words he had never read before!  I watched as he did a practice called “Rhythmic Writing.”  Here was a child with dyslexia and auditory processing issues that struggles with working memory.  During this process he was able to answer math problems quickly and correctly.  Through “Rhythmic Writing” I was amazed how the brain was able to process multiple things quickly and retrieve the information quickly!  My son is now in the ninth grade and has made amazing progress academically and socially.  He reads better than I ever dreamed he would and he has the necessary strategies to sound out college level vocabulary.  My son is dyslexic, he always will be, but with NILD he has been given the strategies to be successful in school and begin planning for college.  I highly recommend NILD taught by a trained therapist.  It has made all the difference in our lives!

Parent, Charlotte, NC